Saturday, August 18, 2018

Well, the Summer book sale on 8-12 August went well. We generated $465 to assist the library with their cultural and youth activities. The Friends helped the library staff set out the books beforehand and put them away afterwards, the regular staff collected the money at the normal checkout counter. Thanks to all concerned, including those that purchased books, tapes and CDs. As happened after the last book sale, boxes of unsold books (50 this time) were recycled through “Better World Books”, an online for-profit bookseller of used and new books, where they will hopefully go to new readers. Unfortunately they don't take cassettes, videotapes or music CDs so these will eventually go to the landfill if no recycling method can be found.

Friday, June 22, 2018

 2018 July 17th  90's Night Trivia & Costume Contest @6:00 at the
Spearfish Creek Wine Bar (hosted by the Friends of the Library)

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Feb/Mar book sale went well. The Friends deposited $730 in book sale proceeds, and that includes everything sold from the ongoing sale wall after January 26 as well as everything from the actual sale at the beginning of March. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially the Teen Friends who performed the sorting  and boxing up for recycling.

A new event is being introduced on 14th April at Spearfish City Park, beginning at 9 am. This is the first Annual 5k and Family Fun Day. Registration can be done from the Library site noted below.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

SPEARFISH - The Friends of the Grace Balloch Memorial Library in Spearfish will be holding a used booksale at the library on Thursday 1st March through Sunday 4th March, during normal Library hours. Come and browse, sales will be by the bagful. Proceeds go toward supporting the library.

Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 Fall Book Sale

This year’s fall book sale resulted in the sale of 60 bags of books. The proceeds go towards helping the library with unfunded projects. Your support is appreciated, especially by the mainly young folk who benefit from projects such as the REACH program and Storytime with Santa. We also bagged up 25 boxes of books that didn’t sell and had them picked up by World Books for further distribution.
Donations of used books that are sold at these sales are accepted by the librarians whenever the library is open.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

SPEARFISH - The Friends of the Grace Balloch Memorial Library in Spearfish will be holding a used booksale at the library on Thursday 30th November through Sunday 3rd December. Sales will be by the bagful. Come get some inexpensive reading for those long winter evenings. Proceeds go toward supporting the library.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Friends of the Grace Balloch Memorial Library
Meeting Minutes
October 26, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President William Aycock.

William Aycock, David Nickel, Ben Cerwinske, Helen Auer, Rosalie Aslesen, Roger Whorton, Chris Avison, Gary Johnson, Wanda Johnson, and Amber Wilde

The motion to accept the previous minutes written and submitted by Amber Wilde, as presented, was carried unanimously.

The motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Sharon E. Hoggatt was carried unanimously.

State of Library Report presented by Library Director, Amber Wilde.

·         The library is now accredited through the State Library.
·         A library planning study has been completed to review the relocation of the library to larger (~30,000 sq ft) premised to facilitate greater community involvement in library sponsored activities. The intent is to remain in the downtown area.
·         New items to the Library
o   Computer classes
o   Delivery to the homebound
o   Lego club
o   Tween programming
o   New logo

Friends of the Library supported activities:
·         “Story Time with Santa” books
·         The Reach program readers and books
·         National Library Week refreshments
·         Book sales support
·         Summer reading program materials and prizes

State of the Endowment Fund Report presented by Ben Cerwinske
Balance:  $68,735.14 as of 10/20/2017
The CD# 2316227 maturing 12/1/2017 will be closed and reinvested.

Reach Committee Report presented by Chairperson Helen Auer
Books were presented to all first-grade students at West Elementary School. Eight readers enjoyed reading to the kids as always. The funds are available to continue this program for years to come, and it is much appreciated.

Book Sale Committee Report presented by William Aycock
Book sales are very successful continuing to bring in a continuous stream of funds. The “permanent wall of books” sale is a huge help in increasing sales.

The basement is often overflowing with donations, so this year a new process has been implemented. A number of books that failed to sell were provided to Better World Books, an online for-profit bookseller of used and new books. It is a corporation which donates books or a percentage of its profit to literacy programs around the world.

Amber Wilde presented the new library logo. The idea of a Friends logo based on the new library logo was well received, and Amber Wilde offered to ask her logo specialist for suggestions as to how this may be done.

The Friends has a Facebook page up and running (search for:  friends of grace balloch memorial library). Chris Avison volunteered to keep it updated, along with the related web blog page at . Amber Wilde agreed to provide links to them on the Library webpages.


New Projects for 2018
·         Teen Friends Group
Following on from last year’s suggestion for a Teen Friends Group, Shayna Monnens  expanded on her ideas for this, to engage teens who are too young to directly volunteer at the library, in a Friends mentored group to pursue library related projects under their own direction. The library would set up the program and the Friends would provide mentoring and materials. The projected start date is in January. A motion to support this was proposed, seconded and carried unanimously.

·         Friends of the Library Trivia Night.
This is seen as a way to engage the 25-50 age group in Library sponsored activities and promote Friends of the Library support. The library is willing to provide the trivia info and organize the venues. Friends support is required to assist hosting the events and provide promotional material as prizes. The projected start date is in January. A motion to support this was proposed, seconded and carried unanimously.

·         Friends of the Library 5k run
Following on from last year’s suggestion for a sponsored 5K run, Rebecca expanded on her ideas for this, to engage the running community, which is well represented around Spearfish. She suggested a 5k sponsored run around National Library Week in April, using the same route as the Beer Run. The Friends would provide volunteer help as well as funding promotional materials. Rebecca also suggested a Family Fun Walk around the park, with related material posted alongside or on the bike track itself, depending on the weather. A motion to support this was proposed, seconded and carried unanimously.

·         Purchase of materials
1.      Amber Wilde requested Friends funding for promotional material for 2018. A motion was carried to provide $1,500 from the Friends current account.
2.      Amber Wilde recommended the Friends procure a microphone and speakers to support the proposed trivia nights, and the meeting agreed.

Election of Officers for 2017
Slate of officers for consideration:
President – William Aycock
Vice President – Dave Nickel
Secretary – Chris Avison
Treasurer – Sharon Hoggatt
Motion carried unanimously.

Election of Endowment Committee member
Lennis Larson and Gary Johnson were appointed to 3-year terms on the endowment committee.

Business from the floor
Gary Johnson recognized Amber Wilde for winning the South Dakota Librarian of the Year award which is front page news in today’s Black Hills Pioneer. Congratulations were expressed by all present.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was carried unanimously.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Chris Avison